Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Calling All Parents Who Have Had to Tell Their Children That Mommy and Daddy Were Just "Wrestling"

OK, so it's not for something as noble and important as serving your country in the line of duty, but it's pretty important.

I want you to send me your stories of your children walking in on you and your spouse, significant other, etc. doing the horizontal mambo OR your stories of walking in on YOUR parents having sex back in the day. I want to know how it happened, how you felt, what you said, all the dirty details that will help enhance my upcoming column for Sex and The Suburbs, all about getting it on with rugrats in the casa.

So come on people, I know you have some stories! Send them to sexandthesuburbs2009@gmail.com. As always, you will remain completely anonymous; I respect your privacy!

And look out for my Sex and The Suburbs column tomorrow at Sexis Magazine. It's all about moms and body image, something I know lots of y'all can relate to!