Monday, October 12, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Today was supposed to be the launch of my new blog, Sex and The Suburbs, but due to various factors, such as the fact that I was really sick last week, and then my daughter and I took off to see The Jonas Brothers this weekend and partied like rock stars (aka saw the concert then went to Friendly's after for dinner) and then yesterday I was totally wiped out and STILL sick, Sex and The Suburbs is NOT ready to be unveiled.

I'm sorry, and my pants are TOTALLY on fire right now. Feel free to throw things at me.

But I did have good intentions of having it ready today, so really I didn't exactly lie, I guess I just didn't follow through on my promises. Either way, I apologize and am going to work VERY hard on getting my first post up on Wednesday, barring anymore illnesses, Jonas Brothers concerts and/or emergencies or laziness on my part.

So, to make up for this little snafu, I will be providing the illustrious and exciting story of our adventure to Mohegan Sun to see the JoBros for your reading pleasure tomorrow. It's complete with pictures and even a video. You're welcome. Am I forgiven? I sure hope so.

So check back tomorrow to hear all about our girls' trip to CT and how we survived thousands of screaming tween girls and then Wednesday, Sex and The Suburbs will be ready to rock your world.


P.S. Starting this week, my pieces at are starting as a weekly column, instead of bi-weekly, so keep on the lookout for them every Friday!